Mexico to resume construction, mining and auto manufacturing

14 May 2020

Mexico manufacturing Mexico’s leading advisory officials on the coronavirus pandemic announced the publication of guidelines that would allow construction, mining and car and truck manufacturing to restart.

Following a meeting early last week, the General Health Council said it had decided to categorise those industries as “essential activities” meaning that they will be allowed to continue work during the lockdown period aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus. 

Although the council did not establish a timeline as to when the reopening would commence, it did say that by June 1 a ‘stoplight’ system would be set up in order to advise local populations which activities are permitted. 

The council also noted that restrictions on schools and businesses in towns that had recorded no cases of the Covid-19 disease would be lifted.

Mexico has been facing increasing pressure from U.S. officials to reopen auto manufacturing factories, as in their absence, integrated supply chains would make the process of reopening for plants in the U.S. and Canada even harder. 

Mexico has recorded over 38,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, and over 4,000 deaths, although officials believe the real figure is much higher. 

The coronavirus disease manifests itself in moderate symptoms including a fever or cough that generally pass within two or three weeks. However, there have been cases, especially among the elderly population and those which pre-existing health conditions, where more severe symptoms have been recorded, including pneumonia and even death.