Mexico and Azerbaijan ties set to grow

21 Aug 2019

meetingMexico is looking to boost its ties with Azerbaijan, mainly due to Azerbaijan’s convenient location.

As Azernews reports, the two countries have seen their economic and tourism ties register notable growth over the past four years, with 2018 witnessing a trade volume of $26.2 million – and as the Mexican Embassy in Azerbaijan told Azertag, this figure is only expected to grow in 2019.

This figure also grew by 35.74% from 2017, with about 40% accounting for oil products.

In 2017-2018, imports from Mexico to Azerbaijan grew by 35.74%, and Azerbaijani exports to Mexico expanded by 12.44%.

It was also revealed that when observing Mexican products in the Azerbaijani market, 39% makes up for drilling parts for the oil industry, 18% for drilling pipies, and 10-12% for oil and gas pipes. Furthermore, 12% of beer imported to Azerbaijan originates from Mexico.

The Embassy has long worked to enhance ties between the two countries, especially by means of promoting events for culture and trade purposes. In fact, this has contributed massively to tourism relations, with the number of Mexican tourists in Azerbaijan rising by 8.93% in 2018, while Azerbaijani tourists in Mexico increased by 19.06%.

It was also revealed that Azerbaijani tourists opt to visit cities like Cancun and Mexico City more than elsewhere.

The tourist flow between the two countries has exceeded the 20% growth since the opening of the diplomatic mission in Baku in 2014.

Additionally, new Turkish Airline flights on the Istanbul-Mexico-Cancun-Istanbul route are bound to boost tourism between the two countries.

Mexico is now focusing on improving certain aspects such as increasing exports to Azerbaijan, mainly tequila exports. Currently, Mexico supplies 213.3 million litres of tequila to over 120 countries. It also is focused on hosting more trade delegations to further boost trade.