Biden a ‘prospective’ President-elect – Mexican ambassador

11 Nov 2020

Mexico’s ambassador to the United States has not yet accept Joe Biden as the nation’s 46th President, but he stands as the “prospective” President-elect. The Mexican government said that the election is not over yet as votes are still being counted.
The newly published points called, “Position of the Government of Mexico” were posted on Twitter by the Mexican ambassador Martha Barcena. They suggested a slight shift in the country’s stance.
“Prospective can be translated in several ways, presumed is one of them, virtual would be another, probable, eventual, future.” She continued, “This principled position underlines the respect for the U.S. political system and institutions and for both the Democratic and Republican parties as well as for President Donald Trump and prospective President-elect Joseph Biden.”
The series of tweets were posted after Biden gained the required electoral votes to win the election, but Donald Trump has refused to concede. He also filed a lawsuit in several states in a bid to hold on to power citing “illegal” ballots. 
A Mexican ministry official stated that Barcena’s comments were not issued by the embassy. 
“Mexico is ready to engage in a constructive spirit with the future U.S. administration, based on the enduring ties of friendship and neighbourliness that bind our two nations.”