Life Assurance

Life assurance refers to protecting yourself and your family in the case of an unforeseen circumstance such as an unexpected death. It is not difficult to argue that safeguarding the welfare of your family and loved ones should be of paramount importance. This is especially apparent when it comes to fiscal and inheritance matters.

Our regulated wealth advisers in Mexico are experienced in facilitating the most suitable protection strategies that take your individual requirements into consideration. For instance, one of the largest concerns is to ensure your family can be provided for without facing any financial struggles after your death.

At Acuma deVere Mexico, we can provide you with several options in terms of life assurance solutions while fulfilling all legal and tax requirements in the country you reside. Life assurance policies can be created and edited to cater for your own personal needs. Of course, specific changes during your lifetime will be taken into account and can be written into the policy easily. Furthermore, these solutions become geographically flexible when you become a client of Acuma deVere Mexico.

To find out more about how Acuma deVere Mexico can help you prepare for the unexpected, contact Acuma deVere Mexico.